Cities and states across the U.S. have adopted their own versions of Sweden's Vision Zero Initiative, but without national guidance. The newly-launched Vision Zero Network seeks to change that.

Welcoming the Vision Zero Network

Streets safety efforts are gaining encouraging momentum across the country, with cities like New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Mateo, Austin, Seattle, Portland, Boston and Chicago, and even the State of Montana, having adopted their own iterations of Sweden’s Vision Zero Initiative. These municipal and state initiatives are the result of local calls for safety improvements, and each is […]

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Recently-painted green bike lane on Hartford's Broad Street. | Image: Ryan King, WNPR

Save the Date: 2015 Connecticut Bike Walk Summit

The Connecticut Bike Walk Summit brings together advocates, planners, engineers and policymakers from across Connecticut to share ideas on how to make Nutmeg State communities safer and more accommodating for walking and bicycling. Don’t miss this chance to hear from experts and connect with others working on these issues. This year’s summit will feature keynote speaker Roger Geller, Bicycle Coordinator at the City of […]

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A 2011 press release from the Governor's office promised to "end the state's long overreliance on debt to finance transportation projects." | Image:

To a Governor: The Best Laid Transportation Funding Schemes Often Go Awry

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / often go awry — To a Mouse, by Robert Burns Governor Christie’s five–year Transportation Capital Program might have looked like his “best laid scheme” when it was announced in 2011, but something has clearly gone awry since then. Tri-State had little confidence that Christie could live up to his […]

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Wednesday Winners (& Losers)

A weekly roundup of good deeds, missteps, heroic feats and epic failures in the tri-state region and beyond. WINNERS U.S. Representative Bill Shuster — While the rest of the House is still on recess, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman is hitting the road to draw attention to the looming infrastructure funding crisis and call […]

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The Interstate 84 Viaduct in Hartford. | Image: Patrick Raycraft / The Hartford Courant

Hartford’s Aging Viaduct Nursed Along While I-84 Expansion Project Breaks Ground in Waterbury

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy took advantage of a sunny Monday morning yesterday to tour the underside of the Interstate 84 Viaduct in Hartford and speak to reporters about the need to replace the aging structure. The I-84 Viaduct (also known as the Aetna Viaduct) was designed to handle 55,000 vehicles each day, but today it […]

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Image: EveryPicture via Wikimedia Commons

A Possible PATH to Funding Capacity Improvements?

Mobilizing the Region recently explored the current and future capacity problems confronting trans-Hudson commuters and why the Port Authority Bus Terminal should be one of the Port Authority’s top transportation priorities. But how to pay for a project with continually rising cost estimates? One possible source of funds could be the proposed extension of PATH service to Newark Liberty International Airport. Projected […]

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Image: AP

NYS Budget Passed: What’s in Store for Transportation?

New York State legislators were still voting on budget bills after Tuesday’s midnight deadline and into the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Messages of necessity were issued in order to enable the claim of an “on time” budget, and reams of paper went unread by legislators and staff. According to Senator Kemp Hannon, the allocations for capital […]

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No Picture

Wednesday Winners (& Losers)

A weekly roundup of good deeds, missteps, heroic feats and epic failures in the tri-state region and beyond. WINNERS Metro Hartford, CT residents — CTfastrak, central Connecticut’s new bus rapid transit system, began taking passengers on Saturday and is so far a hit with riders. Long Beach, NY — As part of the Long Beach Safety Initiative, the […]

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Real Headlines We Almost Thought Were Fake

Tri-State Transportation Campaign staff members scan the news each morning to make sure we’re always on top of what’s happening in the region. Today, April 1, is an especially fun day to comb through the local papers (look out for those April Fools’ pitfalls!) and requires us to read a bit more closely. Instead of trying to write our […]

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CTfastrak Observations on Opening Weekend

This weekend marked the grand opening of Connecticut’s landmark CTfastrak bus rapid transit system. Mobilizing the Region contributor Sandy Johnston made the trip from Albany to check it out on Sunday, the second full day of operations. Here are some of his observations:  Arriving in Hartford CTfastrak is a major win for Connecticut’s capital city, but Hartford still has work […]

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