Pictures of the Week: Major Street Makeovers From England

Tom Vanderbilt’s How We Drive blog recently posted some eye-opening photos of street makeovers in the English town of Ashford. Here’s the “before” image for one street:

And here’s the “after”:

In some areas the redesign incorporates “shared street” concepts, eliminating traffic lights and forcing all road users to keep an eye […]

This Is Rush Hour on NYC’s Sheridan Expressway

Clockwise from top left: TSTC's Kyle Wiswall, The Point's Adam Liebowitz, Julien Terrell of Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice, SBRWA's Melanie Bin Jung, Nos Quedamos's Anna Vincente, and Joan Byron of the Pratt Center for Community Development.

Members of the Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance took to the Bronx’s Sheridan Expressway during […]

Picture of the Week: Fare Hike Advocacy Continues

The initial set of MTA hearings on the agency’s “doomsday” plan to raise fares and cut service ended last week (there is one more hearing, scheduled for March 2 in Orange County), but advocates from the Empire State Transportation Alliance and the Campaign for New York’s Future haven’t let up.

On Tuesday, ESTA […]

Picture of the Week: "Better" Is In the Eye of the Beholder

This advertisement, which MTR spotted on the back of a New Jersey business journal (we won’t identify who took it out), just goes to show that “better” is a subjective word. The Route 4 & 17 Interchange project, pictured above, expanded both roads. Not long after the completion of the project, the nearby […]

Picture of the Week: New Haven's Traffic Safety Swag Bags

(click for larger version.)

New Haven officials gave out some traffic-safety-themed goodie bags at a recent meeting attended by TSTC staff and others. TSTC’s bag bore the logo of New Haven’s Street Smarts traffic safety education program, which the city launched in October at around the same time its board of alders passed […]