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Cyclists Mapping the Region

For cyclists, road maps often prove the maxim that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Such maps often omit information on elevation (some hills are prohibitive for novice riders or when grocery shopping), potholes, bike…

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NJ Legislation Steps in the Right Direction

NJ state legislators in Trenton have introduced three bills which would go hand-in-hand in protecting pedestrians in crosswalks: Introduced by Assemblymember Linda Stender and co-sponsored by Assemblymembers John Wisniewski, Jon Bramnick and Ruben Ramos, A1329 requires…

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Penn for Peds! A Campaign Is Named

7th Ave. between 34th and 35th Streets, during the afternoon rush. A couple of weeks ago, MTR asked readers to come up with an evocative name for Tri-State’s forthcoming campaign to improve the walking conditions surrounding…