MTA Board Talks About Buses for 22 Minutes Straight

Image: Joseph Cutrufo/TSTC

The MTA Board is finally talking seriously about improving bus service. During Monday’s meeting of the New York City Transit & Bus Committee, MTA bus operations staff gave a presentation on New York City bus ridership, which has fallen 10 percent since 2004.

What ensued was a spirited discussion which ended with a commitment to turn the ridership decline around. Here’s a recap, courtesy of TransitCenter Program Analyst Zak Accuardi who provided a thorough play-by-play on Twitter:

(Thanks for the mention, Zak.)

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  1. Isaac Martin | March 27, 2017 at 12:27 pm |

    Vision Zero/Street Redesign is not good for buses either. The congestion CREATED affects everyone–not good, or particularly safer either. I would know, I was born and raised in this city.

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