Rochester’s Inner Loop Transforms in Google Maps

One feature (bug?) of Google Maps’ Street View mode is that sometimes we’re able to see images of streets at different points in time. This can be annoying, say if you’re looking to see what a particular block looks like today, only to find that the most recent images available are a few years old. But it can be useful too, especially if you’re trying to see where streets have undergone major changes.

Take the Inner Loop in Rochester, New York, where the city is filling in the eastern portion of the formerly-depressed highway (using mud from the bottom of Lake Ontario) and transforming the right of way into a multimodal urban boulevard with some land set aside for development too.

Using Street View, we were able to grab a few screenshots from September of 2014, shortly before the transformation began, along with some shots of what the area looked like as recently as September of this year:


Inner Loop east of Monroe Avenue, looking west in September 2014.


Same view in September 2016.



Inner Loop, just north of East Avenue, looking southwest (September 2014).


Same view in September 2016.



Inner Loop, beneath East Avenue, looking east in September 2014.


East Avenue in September 2016, looking east.



Inner Loop, just south of East Avenue, looking west.


Same view in September 2016.



Inner Loop south of Broad Street, looking north in September 2014.


Same view in September 2016.



Inner Loop north of Charlotte Street in September 2014, looking southeast.


Same view in September 2016.

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