Wednesday Winners (& Losers)

A weekly roundup of good deeds, missteps, heroic feats and epic failures in the tri-state region and beyond.


New York City Councilmember Carlos Menchaca –Legislation proposed by Councilmember Menchaca, which would allow people on bikes to abide by leading interval pedestrian signals to get ahead of turning drivers, will get a hearing in November.

Hartford City Councilmembers Julio Concepcion and John Gale — Councilmembers Concepcion and Gale are urging the city to consider increasing taxes on vacant properties to promote infill development.

New York State Senator Daniel Squadron — Senator Squadron suggested piloting tolls on the East River bridges during the L train shutdown to reduce car traffic and to fund more transit.

Uber — A sign that the transportation network company intends “to be a more responsible player in urban issues”: Uber endorsed a ballot measure for expanding transit in the Seattle area.


New Jersey Transit Executive Director Steven Santoro — Santoro skipped a Legislative Oversight Committee hearing on the agency’s safety and financial problems. His excuse? A meeting with the Federal Railroad Administration, who said they would have been happy to reschedule.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie — Governor Christie has already scored his first hat trick of the hockey season: a third ratings agency, Fitch Ratings, has warned that the governor’s Transportation Trust Fund plan would put “additional pressure” on the state’s budget.

New Jersey State Senators Kip Bateman and Mike Doherty — Senators Bateman and Doherty are trying to repeal the Garden State’s first gas tax increase since 1988, but aren’t offering alternative solutions to funding the state’s bankrupt Transportation Trust Fund.

Former Nominee for U.S. Representative (NJ) Bill Spadea — Spadea is calling on New Jersey voters to reject a ballot measure to constitutionally dedicate gas tax revenues to transportation projects, which would instead divert the money away from the transportation funding lockbox and into the general fund.

New York Assemblymember Francisco Moya — Assemblymember Moya refused to a support a redesign of Corona’s 111th Street until the NYC Department of Transportation removed several crosswalks from the proposal.

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