Time for a Turnaround of New York City’s Buses

Earlier this summer, the NYC Bus Turnaround Coalition–of which TSTC is a member–released a report highlighting tested, cost-efficient solutions to secure quicker and more reliable bus service for New York’s 2.5 million daily bus riders. In a new video, “NYC Buses: Time for a Turnaround,” Streetfilms features riders and transit advocates discussing ways to revive New York’s bus network.

Bus ridership waned 16 percent between 2002 and 2015, while the city’s population has grown 5.7 percent. In that time, subway ridership climbed 24.7 percent. Notoriously slow travel times caused by traffic congestion, circuitous routes and inefficient boarding have deflected riders away from New York City buses in recent years.

Creating a more convenient, attractive rider experience is key to revitalizing bus ridership. “Time for a Turnaround” lays out four recommendations included in the report to do just that: transform how we get on and off the bus; design streets to prioritize bus lanes; adopt better methods to keep buses on schedule; and redesign routes for more frequent and efficient service.

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