TSTC Board Welcomes New Chair

John Casellini has been elected by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign Board of Directors as its third chairperson. John, who is President of Ways and Means NY LLC, spent 17 years as an insider in New York State government, last serving as Budget Director of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee. During his tenure with the Committee, he oversaw the enactment of three MTA and New York State Department of Transportation Capital Programs and provided expert testimony on the MTA Operating Budget. In the 18 years since his departure from government, he has continued to work on transportation issues, specializing in railroads and engaging in efforts to raise East River bridge tolls in 2009.

John replaces Rich Kassel, who served as TSTC’s Board Chair from 2004-2015. Rich spent more than a decade in his role as Chair shaping TSTC’s policy and strategic positions on issues including VMT reduction, congestion pricing, transit financing and key regional transportation infrastructure projects. His expertise in transportation, air pollution, clean energy and climate change policy helped guide TSTC’s advocacy for transportation reform as an important tactic to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. In 2013, Rich was honored at TSTC’s 20th anniversary benefit for being one of the original founders and board members of the organization. He remains an active member of the TSTC board while advising clients as a Senior Vice President at Gladstein, Neandross & Associates, a transportation and environmental consulting firm.

On behalf of TSTC’s existing and previous board members and staff, I extend sincere gratitude and appreciation for Rich’s dedication and commitment to TSTC’s mission and goals for the past 12 years, and express enthusiasm to begin a new chapter with John as our new Board Chair.

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