How You Can Push for More Complete Streets Funding in New York

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Happy Active Transportation Advocacy Day!

If you were unable to join us in Albany today, there are still ways you can make your voice heard about better state funding for projects that encourage biking and walking.

New Yorkers for Active Transportation (NY4AT) is hosting a DIY Complete Streets Advocacy Campaign so you can advocate for better active transportation funding directly with your state legislators. NY4AT provides you with steps and tips so you can successfully advocate for accessible and safe infrastructure and policies that promote healthy transportation options.

Unable to meet face-to-face with legislators? You can still do your part by sharing your story with NY4AT. Fill out this online form to tell your legislators why you want more funding for biking and walking projects in your community.

1 Comment on "How You Can Push for More Complete Streets Funding in New York"

  1. Larry Littlefield | February 3, 2016 at 9:09 am |

    Younger generations are those most likely to walk, bike, and take transit. And they are not the beneficiaries of any of the special deals that have drained this state over the decades.

    Deals that benefitted those who provide collect the signatures to keep incumbent state legislators on the ballot, and campaign contributions to pay lawyers to keep would-be challengers off.

    If people think they are going to get ahead by winning a butt kissing contest in a state with no real elections where legislators are only removed when a federal prosecutor gets one of the incumbents convicted, think again. The NYC is somewhat better only because of term limits.

    Nobody, it seems, is willing to run against incumbent state legislators. Except those backed by special interests if one of those legislators dares to step out of line. Until that changes, the serfs will continue to be ripped off. Take it from me — it took me 30 years to figure out how useless all those letters and petitions really are. I didn’t want to run for office either. But I did, because someone has to.

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