Gateway Project Timeline Released, But Cross-Hudson Capacity Relief Still a Long Way Off

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Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the Gateway tunnel, which will connect New York and New Jersey under the Hudson River, won’t be either.

Last week, Amtrak released the prospective timeline and cost estimates for the Gateway project.  The $23.9 billion endeavor (which has already started) will take about 15 years to complete and will be divided into two phases.

Phase One: Present-2026

Project Description Status ETA Estimated Cost
New trans-Hudson tunnel entrance below Hudson Yards Currently underway 2019 $326 million
New trans-Hudson rail tunnels and renovation of existing tunnels Start date unknown until engineering and financing plans established 10 years from start date $7.7 billion
Portal Bridge replacement over Hackensack River with new two-track high-level bridge Scheduled to begin work in 2017 2022 $1.2 billion
Sawtooth Bridge replacement over Passaic River Scheduled to begin work in 2022 2026 $1.1 billion

Phase Two: 2024-2030

Project Description Status ETA Estimated Cost
Penn Station expansion one block south, including new underground tracks and above-ground development 2024 2030 $5.9 billion
New Portal Bridge South at Kearney 2024 2030 $1.9 billion
Secaucus Junction station renovation to handle increased rail capacity and Secaucus Loop link 2024 2030 $1.8 billion
Construction of Secaucus Loop to enable a one-seat ride from North Jersey into Penn Station 2024 2030 $1.3 billion
Replacement and renewal of two-track rail embankment between Newark and Secaucus and building of two additional lines running parallel to the embankment 2024 2030 $268 million

The increased capacity and reliability which the Gateway project will bring cannot come soon enough for the 200,000 riders who travel through the existing tunnels on a daily basis. In the meantime, NJ Transit, the Port Authority, MTA and local leaders should be looking for other ways to meet the growing demand for cross-Hudson capacity. After all, 15 years is a long time, even by NJ Transit standards.

2 Comments on "Gateway Project Timeline Released, But Cross-Hudson Capacity Relief Still a Long Way Off"

  1. Clark Morris | February 2, 2016 at 5:22 pm |

    If it is desired to connect the ex-Erie lines to Penn Station have a direct link from the tunnels bypassing Secaucus Junction instead of the loop which will be slower than transferring.

  2. The Sawtooth Bridge is not over the Passaic River. That’s the Dock Bridge adjacent to Newark Penn. the Sawtooth, name for it shape when viewed from above, is the bridge that carries the Northeast Corridor over NJT and PATH in the Kearny Meadows nearby the Midtown Direct Junction. If you re-hashing Amtrak, they should get it right (And/or you Mobilizing should know it)

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