Wednesday Winners (& Losers)

A weekly roundup of good deeds, missteps, heroic feats and epic failures in the tri-state region and beyond.

House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Rep. Bill Shuster | Photo: Anne Wernikoff

House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Rep. Bill Shuster | Photo: Anne Wernikoff


U.S. Representative Bill Shuster — While the rest of the House is still on recess, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman is hitting the road to draw attention to the looming infrastructure funding crisis and call on Congress to pass a long-term surface transportation bill before the current extension expires in May.

Newington, CT Town Councilmember Terry Borjeson Councilmember Borjeson is working to clear up and misconceptions regarding Connecticut’s Transit Corridor Development Authority bill and how it can be a powerful tool for promoting transit-oriented development.

New Jersey State Senators Stephen Sweeney and Loretta Weinberg The Senate leaders penned a Letter to the Editor saying that without the kind of bipartisan leadership seen during the Byrne and Kean administrations, New Jersey may never be able to capitalize on the economic potential of its transportation network.

Manhattan Community Board 9CB9 approved  NYC DOT’s plans to extend 125th Street’s exclusive bus lanes west of Lenox Avenue and implement pedestrian safety measures. Here’s hoping CB 10 comes around!

Hempstead Community Development Agency — In an effort to provide more opportunities for housing and job training, the agency is working with a master developer to replace the many parking lots in the town.


Metropolitan Transportation Authority — The issue of how to address the MTA’s budget gap was left unaddressed in Albany’s final budget negotiations, and, adding insult to injury, another $20 million was diverted from its operating funds.

New York City taxpayers — In a city suffering from unregulated parking creating an incentive for car ownership, taxpayers are footing the bill to provide free parking to City Councilmembers who say that mass transit is “just not practical” for their commute.

NJTransit riders — Not only are riders faced with the possibility of yet another fare increase, but now they are also saddled with foul-smelling train cars.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie — The governor won’t raise New Jersey’s gas tax, the second lowest in the nation, but he will cut mass transit and highway spending.

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