Two More Pedestrians Struck on New Jersey’s Most Dangerous Road

Route 130 in Delran. | Photo: Nancy Rokos/Burlington County Times

Route 130 in Delran. | Photo: Nancy Rokos/Burlington County Times

Two pedestrians have been struckone fatallyby cars while walking on Route 130 in Burlington County just since the March 5 release of Tri-State’s annual Most Dangerous Roads for Walking report, which named Route 130 the most dangerous road in New Jersey for the fifth year in a row. Now more than ever, it is clear that Route 130 must be transformed to allow all road users to travel without putting their lives at riskand it needs to happen as soon as possible.

Both sides of Route 130 are home to many places of work, restaurants, shops and transit stops. But like many of the most dangerous roads for pedestrians in the region, Route 130 is a multi-lane arterial road with as many as six lanes of fast-moving traffic, few sidewalks, and even fewer crosswalks. Pedestrians often have to walk more than a half-mile out of their way just to reach a crosswalk.

While the New Jersey Department of Transportation has added new sidewalks and mid-block crossings in a few of locations along the corridor, more life-saving measures like continuous sidewalks, additional crosswalks and pedestrian refuge islands must be added. These necessary short-term improvements could then be followed by a full-scale overhaul which could transform the roadway from a high-speed thoroughfare into an attractive multi-modal boulevard. These changes would do more than help to save livesthey could also help spur the development of walkable, mixed-use development on adjacent abandoned or underutilized land.

Some people — including police officers — are quick to blame the victims of pedestrian crashes on Route 130 and similar roadways, but that is missing the point. Roads like Route 130 are unsafe for all who travel on them, whether they’re on foot, on a bicycle, riding a bus or driving a car.

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