With Governor Malloy’s Signature, Vulnerable User Bill Becomes Law in Connecticut


SB-336, “An Act Concerning the Penalty for Causing harm to a Vulnerable User,” was signed by Governor Malloy today. | Source: http://www.cga.ct.gov/

After more than four years of advocacy by Tri-State and fellow advocates, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy today signed SB-336, the vulnerable user bill, into law.

The vulnerable user bill has been considered for each of the last four years in the Connecticut General Assembly. Last year, the bill passed the Senate unanimously, but the session expired before it could be voted on in the House. This year, both houses passed the bill with huge majorities — not to mention bipartisan support — just before the end of the session.

Tri-State thanks State Senator Beth Bye, State Representative Roland Lemar and all the other advocates, elected and non-elected alike, for their work towards ensuring that Connecticut’s roads are safe and accommodating for not just motorists, but for all users.

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  1. I’m glad to see that this passed. In Rhode Island we had numerous cases of a bicyclist or pedestrian killed or injured by a careless motorist (even in a crosswalk or on a sidewalk!) who faced no real penalties. In previous years bills were filed to address this, but this session we are awaiting a plan from the DOT studying vulnerable road user issues. Our bike community also thanks the sponsors and allies in CT and we hope this will help us get similar legislation through.
    Barry Schiller, RIBike Coalition Legislative Chair

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