What Complete Streets Implementation Looks Like

Several communities across the region have adopted Complete Streets policies in the last year, but implementation of Complete Streets measures, like traffic calming, new sidewalks and bike lanes has been spotty.

That’s not the case, however, in two Long Island communities.

In Babylon, which in 2010 was the first municipality on Long Island to adopt a Complete Streets policy, construction is underway on a road diet along Straight Path Road in downtown Wyandanch. Between January 2005 and December 2007, there were 159 crashes along this corridor (about half of which occurred within the project area), which planners have attributed to speeding and unsafe pedestrian crossings. The Straight Path Road project reduces the number of vehicular travel lanes, adds on street parking and a median and improves crossings at intersections.

The Town expects the project to not only curb speeding and encourage more biking and walking; it also believes the project will bolster the ongoing revitalization of downtown Wyandanch.

The Town of Brookhaven, which adopted a Complete Streets policy just two months after Babylon, is also making progress on implementation. With the support of Complete Streets champion Councilwoman Connie Kepert, the Town has completed a variety of traffic calming projects. The Town recently installed a sidewalk on Wilson Avenue in Gordon Heights, and just this past summer, the street came even closer to being “complete” with the addition of a bike lane.

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  1. These are impressive projects, but in my region of old, narrow streets, and big budget deficits, there are few opportunities to do such projects. I wish the “complete streets” crowd would give more emphasis to helping on ALL our roadways by working to combat dangerous, drunk, or distracted driving, reduce speed limits, and close loopholes in the law whereby motorists killing or injuring someone often face little or no penalty.

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