Blast from the Past: Four Decades of Studying Tolls on East and Harlem River Bridges


Development of Toll Collection System for the City-Owned Bridges Leading into Manhattan (City of New York Transportation Administration, 1972)


Engineering, Environmental, and Socioeconomic Reevaluation of State Implementation Plan Strategy B-7: Tolls on East & Harlem River Bridges (NYSDOT, 1977)

TSTC staff spent Monday afternoon tidying up our offices, and we came across some vintage reports on bringing tolls to the East and Harlem River bridges.

We’re not sure if we’re necessarily happy to learn this concept has been studied for at least 40 years now, but there’s something to be said for persistence. Needless to say, Tri-State feels that four decades of studying tolls have more than proven and identified the merits of pricing roadways. It is clear we’ll be hanging on to these reports as Tri-State and other advocates revisit pricing ideas as a way to fill the upcoming MTA Capital Program $10-15 billion deficit.

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