Wednesday Winners (And Losers)


Congressman Brian Higgins—US Congressman Higgins and Buffalo-area advocates are slowly convincing NYSDOT to support the teardown of Buffalo’s aging I-81 “Skyway.”  Rep. Higgins has vocally advocated for the removal of the 1.5 mile elevated highway seeing it as a potential catalyst for economic growth and as a way to open 27.5 acres of waterfront land to redevelopment.

Bx12 Select Bus Service riders—It’s been 4 years since NYC’s first Select Bus Service went into effect in the Bronx.  Now, riders using SBS are getting an additional upgrade in serviceMTA’s BusTime will keep Bx12 SBS riders informed with real-time bus information.

Shoreline East rail commuters—Tech savvy commuters on Connecticut’s rail system from New Haven to Old Saybrook (and sometimes New London) will now be able to receive updates on service changes, delays and other rail-related developments via Twitter.

Gloucester County, NJ—Planners, engineers, and mayors are steadily advancing bike lane projects throughout the southern New Jersey county.


New York State Thruway Authority-Even though consultants for the New York State Thruway Authority have indicated that truck toll increases are necessary to keep the Authority in good financial standing, mixed signals from the state over whether to support toll hikes threaten the Authority’s credit outlook, existing infrastructure, and the not-yet-financed Tappan Zee Bridge.

Areas vulnerable to climate change—The appointment of climate change skeptic Congressman Lamar Smith (R-Tx) as Chair of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, is like salt in the wounds for coastal communities still dealing with the destruction wrought by Superstorm Sandy.

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  1. You’ve confused your Upstate New York geography. The Buffalo “Skyway” is not I-81. However, kudos for covering the happenings upstate.

  2. Nice catch, Alex. Thanks. Post has been updated to reflect your comment. We’re happy to cover upstate issues! Let us know if there is anything we should be watching more closely.

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