State Asks for 4th Extension on Tappan Zee Document Delivery

On February 3, 2012, Tri-State sought state documents related to the environmental impact statement for the Tappan Zee Bridge replacement project through a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request. Today, 111 days after that request, the organization got word that the state needs another 28 calendar day extension. This is the fourth such extension request.

Re: FOIL Request No. (F12-0092)

Dear Mr. Pellecchia:

In response to your Freedom of Information request referenced above, Authority staff continue to search for and compile responsive documents.  As such, we require an extension of twenty business days to complete your request.  I anticipate responding on or before June 28, 2012.


Records Access Officer

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  1. Well, sue them. They’re over the statutory limit and you get attorneys’ fees, so it won’t cost anything.

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