Complete Streets Policies Sweeping Across New Jersey

It was a banner week last week for sustainable transportation advocates in New Jersey.  Both Essex and Mercer Counties approved complete streets policies joining Monmouth County to become the second and third counties in New Jersey to adopt a complete streets policy.  So far, New Jersey boasts 26 municipalities and 3 counties with complete streets policies, as well as a New Jersey Department of Transportation policy.  While policies are not uniform, the basic premise of complete streets is the inclusion of infrastructure into roadway projects that support all users-including bicyclists and pedestrians.  This adoption comes just in time for May’s National Bike Month during which there will be a number of bike centric activities for all ages across the state.

The policies also come at a time when New Jersey Department of Transportation recently launched its complete streets workshop tour. The workshops, which are by invitation only, will connect municipal officials with teams of experts, who will educate attendees on the benefits of complete streets and strategies for designing and building roads that accommodate all users.

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