Coming Soon to NYC’s West Side: Thousands of New Transit Riders

The dormant parcel of West Side land known as the Hudson Yards is finally seeing some activity.  As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the site’s developer, Related Cos., has begun clearing the land in preparation for future construction.  It’s been nearly a year since Related Cos. and the MTA signed a deal to develop the site with residential and commercial space, and little appeared to be happening in the Yard though big changes were happening all around it.

Planning ahead for the tens of thousands of new residents and jobs coming to the area, the city and MTA are working to expand transit options and improve street design for pedestrians and businesses along 34th Street.  Changes along 34th Street, such as a new Select Bus Service and new pedestrian space, as well as the No. 7 extension, are needed to accommodate and encourage this growth.

With the expected completion of the second phase of the immensely popular High Line park this spring, and the eventual completion of the portion that wraps around the Hudson Yards, thousands of tourists will also be flocking to the West Side as a destination. Today’s status quo of overcrowded 34th Street buses and sidewalks will have to change, and soon.

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  1. Now is the time for the city to build a new north-south Select Bus ROW on the west side before the development hits.

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