Holiday Hiatus

Mobilizing the Region will be on break from December 24 through January 3 as we get on track for a tough year ahead.

In the meantime, we ask that you consider a year end gift to the Tri-State Transportation Campaign:

As a Mobilizing the Region reader, you know that 2010 has been a challenging […]

An Open Letter to Governor-Elect Cuomo

Earlier this week, TSTC sent a letter to Governor-Elect Cuomo outlining transportation priorities for 2011 and beyond. Many items fit directly into his campaign promises of encouraging smart growth, reforming government, expanding transit, and encouraging biking and walking.

With the state funding crisis in mind, the letter is focused on maintaining transit funding and […]

Highlights from the Port Authority Budget

The Port Authority’s recently approved 2011 budget generated few stories and could be described as underwhelming and another regional sign of the budget constraints within our transportation network. The $7.2 billion budget does not include fare or toll increase, includes zero growth in operating expenses, and few new projects.  The Port Authority already scaled […]

More Calls to Keep NY Transit Funding in Place

Worried about transit’s funding outlook in 2011, today over two dozen groups sent a letter to Governor-elect Cuomo urging his administration against raiding money from transit’s dedicated pot of money. Projections for a $9.2 billion state budget deficit beginning April 2011 are sending tremors throughout the transit, environmental, labor, construction, good government, and policy […]

NJTransit, we <3 ur new txt systm – w2g!

NJ Transit's "My Bus" website allows riders to see the closest bus stops to a given address.

“Where’s my bus?” The answer to that question is getting considerably easier for thousands of New Jersey bus riders as NJ Transit rolls out its new “My Bus” program, which takes much of the guesswork out […]

Updated: Senate Votes to Cancel “Transit Tax Hike”

Visit or click here to take action.

[Update: The package passed the Senate, 81-19, with the transit benefit provision intact.]

The U.S. Senate is likely to pass today a tax package (the Bush-tax-cut “compromise package”) which includes cancellation of the federal “transit tax hike“ and would keep payroll tax deductions for transit […]

A Holiday Thank You to NYC’s Transportation Officials

Click here to say thanks for all the transportation improvements NYC's received over the past three years.

When the holiday season ends, it’s time to send out thank-you cards — yes, even to Uncle Ken for the grocery-store fruitcake that will end up in the closet next to last year’s fruitcake.

So this […]

Accepting Federal Grant, New Haven Embraces New Future for Route 34

From left: State Rep. Juan Candelaria, New Haven Alderman Jorge Perez, Development Administrator Kelly Murphy, Mayor John DeStefano, Yale Medical Dean Robert Alpern, developer Carter Winstanley.

On Wednesday, New Haven Mayor John DeStefano, Jr. announced the city was moving forward with the Downtown Crossing project, which will convert Route 34 from a “highway […]

Yankee Stadium Parking Becoming Even Bigger Debacle

New York City's tax dollars at work.

Derek Jeter may be feeling a little sore after some tough contract negotiations with the Yankees, but he’s got nothing on New York City’s taxpayers. Even after parking prices rise significantly next year, taxpayers will likely continue to help bail out the financially struggling Bronx Parking […]

A Christmas Miracle for Long Island Bus Riders?

The Long Island Bus story may also have a happy ending this holiday season.

In an editorial over the weekend, Newsday says the Long Island bus situation is finally “lurching toward reality.” Last week, the paper reported on a letter from MTA Chairman Jay Walder to Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano that acknowledges Nassau’s […]