Bee-Line Cuts Will Sting Westchester Riders

The region’s summer of service cuts may now include Westchester County’s Bee-Line bus system.  Westchester DOT recently announced the following reductions in service, planned for July:

  • Full cancellations: The BxM4C express bus to Manhattan and Shuttle Loops E (White Plains) and T (Tarrytown).
  • Cuts to weekday service: Routes 7 (White Plains/Mount Vernon/New Rochelle), 14 (Peekskill/Ossining/White Plains), 18 (Peekskill), 31 (Yonkers), 42 (New Rochelle/Mount Vernon/Bronx).
  • End seasonal service: Routes 6 (cuts three trips that run during the school year) and 92 (summer service to Playland).

According to County Executive Rob Astorino, these and not filling vacant positions will save $1.37 million — a small fraction of the $166 million budget gap the county expects to face next year.

Public hearings will be held at the Westchester County Center on April 14, from 2-5 pm and 7-9 pm. Comments can also be e-mailed to or mailed to Westchester County Department of Transportation, 100 East First Street, Mount Vernon, NY 10550.

MTA Rolls Back Service Cuts

After thousands of New Yorkers spoke out at the MTA’s public hearings earlier this month, the MTA announced over the weekend that it would scale back planned service cuts throughout the region. The new cuts are available on the agency’s website and will be voted on at the MTA’s board meeting this Wednesday and will take effect in July. MTA Chairman Jay Walder also met with students last week and agreed to postpone a vote on ending free student MetroCards, giving student advocates time to make their case to state and city officials.


4 Comments on "Bee-Line Cuts Will Sting Westchester Riders"

  1. Why don’t we start with paycuts for the County Executive on down? And how about those new hires for THAT office?

  2. This cut is just unacceptable! People WILL move out of the area ( myself included ) Property values will go down ( that route was a selling point! )

    And the casino area … go try and talk a walk around the neighborhood of AC… that is what THIS area will end up like!

  3. I agree with cutting Astorinos pay..but i dont agree with Carol saying “on down..” i dont think cutting county employees pay will fix anything. No one really knows yet how Astorino is handling westchesters budget..and it seems to me like a lot of people are going to be losing their jobs..or having their pay cut ..and its not right in a recession. I live in an area where that bus to playland was the only real way to get there..its not right what hes doing . I can tell u from expierience that that the playland bus was ALWAYS was difficult to find a seat. People made a mistake voting him in. A lot of people in the county are going to lose their jobs..and now cutting service to playland..i mean come ON. Enough is a freaking enough.

  4. sam bonanno | April 14, 2010 at 2:17 am |

    You probably have considered this proposal already. But here it is again:
    Rather than eliminate the Bx4Mc express, combine this Bus with the number 20/21. The express can run the same route as the 20/21 when it leaves Yonkers and then continue into Manhattan. If this is feasible, other routes that have similar multiple bus numbers that run on the same path should also be modified. Combining routes means eliminating routes.

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