March 2010

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Reminder: NJ Transit Hearings Begin Tomorrow

Public hearings on the plan to raise NJ Transit fares by 25% and cut service across the state will take place tomorrow and Friday evenings and Saturday afternoon, in locations across the state and in New…

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New York Falling Down on the Job of Bridge Maintenance

Torrential March storms can make it seem like the sky is falling down, but the Associated General Contractors want New Yorkers to know it’s really the bridges.  Their new project uses NYSDOT data to identify…

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Bee-Line Cuts Will Sting Westchester Riders

The region’s summer of service cuts may now include Westchester County’s Bee-Line bus system.  Westchester DOT recently announced the following reductions in service, planned for July: Full cancellations: The BxM4C express bus to Manhattan and Shuttle…