Stamford, Like Cities Elsewhere, Grapples With Parking Policy

Even in cities that embrace transit-oriented development, too much parking can counteract efforts to create a walkable, attractive downtown. Two recent stories in the Stamford Advocate demonstrate the difficulties involved as the paper’s namesake city works to redevelop the area around its Metro-North station.

How much parking is enough for Stamford? Developers and […]

Hard Times Ahead If NJ Transit Hikes, Cuts Go Through

Public hearings on a proposed 25% fare hike and service cuts for NJ Transit wrapped up over the weekend. After hundreds testified on Thursday, hundreds more showed up at Friday night and Saturday hearings to make clear that the plan would cause severe economic harm. In Camden, customer-service representative Nancy Ingling, a paratransit rider, […]

Commuters Pack NJ Transit Hearings; Are They Listening in the Statehouse?

A capacity crowd attended yesterday's NJ Transit hearing in Newark.

Desperation, anger, and fear were the dominant emotions during the first day of public hearings on New Jersey’s doomsday plan for transit. In Newark, Trenton, Manalapan, and Paterson, hundreds of commuters voiced their vehement opposition to the Christie administration’s proposed 25% fare […]

MTA Service Cuts Pass, School Fares and Bus Cameras in Albany's Hands

On Wednesday, the MTA board voted to cut service across the system, eliminating the W and V trains and many bus routes, cutting commuter train runs, and significantly reducing the Access-a-Ride and Able-Ride services relied upon by disabled and elderly residents. Most of the cuts will take effect in June. The cuts represents a […]

Adding Transportation to the Affordable Housing Equation

In the Albany region, distant suburban "drive 'til you qualify" homes can seem affordable — but only downtown areas stay that way after commuting costs are factored in. (Affordable neighborhoods are marked in yellow.)

For four years, the Chicago-based Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) has been turning the conventional definition of affordable housing […]

Reminder: NJ Transit Hearings Begin Tomorrow

25% fare increases will cause serious financial pain for transit riders.

Public hearings on the plan to raise NJ Transit fares by 25% and cut service across the state will take place tomorrow and Friday evenings and Saturday afternoon, in locations across the state and in New York City.  For New Jerseyans, these […]

New York Falling Down on the Job of Bridge Maintenance

Torrential March storms can make it seem like the sky is falling down, but the Associated General Contractors want New Yorkers to know it’s really the bridges.  Their new project uses NYSDOT data to identify 163 bridges throughout the state that are “very dangerous,” in worse condition than the Lake Champlain Bridge was […]

LI Bus Not on Nassau County Executive's Radar at Speech

Mangano had much to say about the Lighthouse project, but didn't mention whether LI Bus riders were still on the hook for service cuts.

New Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano delivered his first State of the County address last week, calling the County “deeply troubled”  and discussing the need to cut spending. But […]

Bee-Line Cuts Will Sting Westchester Riders

Elimination of the BxM4C is among the cuts being considered.

The region’s summer of service cuts may now include Westchester County’s Bee-Line bus system.  Westchester DOT recently announced the following reductions in service, planned for July:

Full cancellations: The BxM4C express bus to Manhattan and Shuttle Loops E (White Plains) and T (Tarrytown). […]

Bus Lane Camera Bill Is Back in Albany

Bus lane cameras would be a major improvement over existing enforcement.

New York City has big plans for speeding up buses, seeking to build on the success of the Select Bus Service on Fordham Road in the Bronx with new projects on 34th Street and First and Second Avenues in Manhattan, Nostrand Avenue […]