NYC Traffic Fatalities Drop, But Pedestrian Deaths Hold Steady

Traffic deaths of all kinds have fallen since 2001, but pedestrian deaths now make up most of the total.

Mayor Bloomberg and NYCDOT Commissioner Sadik-Khan announced on Wednesday that 2009 saw a record low number of traffic fatalities — down to 256 from about 290 in 2008, a decline […]

Yes CT Can: New Haven-Springfield Line Wins High-Speed Rail $

The New Haven-Hartford-Springfield Rail line is closer than ever to fruition, now that the project has won $40 million from the federal government’s high-speed rail initiative. Thanks to Gov. Jodi Rell, ConnDOT Commissioner Joe Marie, CT House Speaker Chris Donovan, US Sen. Chris Dodd, and advocates, tracks will soon be on the ground for […]

Sen. Gillibrand, NY Reps. Offer Feast, Famine Proposals for MTA

Gillibrand (pictured on the subway in Washington, D.C.).

Over the last week, federal lawmakers from New York floated two proposals having to do with transit stimulus funds. One would put transit riders in danger of further cuts, while the other might be the best hope for the MTA’s near-term stability.

Five U.S. Representatives […]

TSTC is Hiring an Albany Staffer

TSTC made frequent appearances in Albany last year, but will have a full-time presence for the first time in the years to come.

New York’s transportation woes are numerous, and many of them can be traced back to one source. A lack of money for transit, bridge, and road projects; the inability of […]

At Queens Ped Injury Summit, NYCDOT Announces Reckless Driving Initiative

Pedestrian crashes are the leading cause of injury hospitalizations at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, Dr. Jamie Ullman told audience members at the second annual New York City Summit on Pedestrian Injury last week. In 2009, 256 people were treated at the hospital for a pedestrian injury. Though the vast majority of those treated recovered […]

We Are Appalled...


The new Nassau County Legislature Presiding Officer, Republican Peter Schmitt, has proposed and passed raises that average 42% for himself, the Democratic Minority Leader Diane Yatauro, and the Republican Deputy Presiding Officer John Ciotti. Schmitt will now make $99,500, Yatauro $90,500, and Ciotti $84,500. (Yatauro has said she will refuse the raise, […]

Christie Moves Into Governor's House, Finds Transportation Cupboard Bare

The buying power of New Jersey's 10.5 cents/gallon gas tax has eroded over the years. Note: In 2009, the tax was equivalent to 5.8 cents/gal in 1988 dollars.

On Friday, NJ Governor Christie’s transition team released a sweeping review of state operations. Not surprisingly, nearly all of the key transportation issues facing the […]

NYS Budget Could Mean Leaner Times for Transit Riders, Infrastructure

Gov. Paterson has proposed $7 billion in NYSDOT capital funds for the next 2 years, far less than the agency says it needs. Few things are as symbolic of New York's deteriorating infrastructure as upstate's Champlain Bridge, which was demolished last year after it was declared unsafe and beyond repair.

Governor Paterson’s budget, […]

Statement on MTA Service Cuts

New Yorkers need leadership from their elected officials to avoid the devastating service cuts announced by the MTA today. The cuts have been tweaked from the December proposal, but will still impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers and must be stopped.

More bad news could be on the way. Governor […]

1st/2nd Avenue Plan Offers Double Benefit: Faster Buses, Safer Cycling and Walking

One of three designs for 1st/2nd Avenue bus improvements includes an offset bus lane (on the left side of the rendering, in red) and a separated bike lane.

Last Thursday, MTA and NYCDOT officials released a first look at the design for the M15 “Select Bus Service” on First and Second Avenue in Manhattan, winning praise from advocates. The plan would revamp First and Second Avenues by adding a physically separated bike lane along much of the length of both avenues and on-street bus lanes. Riders would pay before boarding, and below Houston Street M15 buses would get signal priority, with traffic lights changing to keep buses on schedule. The bus improvements are expected to cut travel time by 25%, while the bike lane and traffic islands will create a safer cycling experience and reduce crossing distance for walkers. The agencies want to begin upgraded service this October.

At the community meeting where the design was announced, the Pratt Center for Community Development’s Elena Conte noted the large number of older residents along the corridor who would benefit from safety improvements. Advocates including TSTC, the Straphangers Campaign, Transportation Alternatives, AARP, and others applauded the plan in a release, calling it “a sea change in ‘complete street’ design, with huge benefits for pedestrians and bicyclists as well as bus riders.”

Elected officials along the corridor also responded positively, but suggested that the plan could be improved to further speed bus service. A public open house is planned for next month.

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