NYSDOT Chooses Rehab, Not Expansion, For Deegan

The Deegan project area.

As MTR reported on Tuesday, the New York State DOT has decided to rehabilitate a stretch of the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx instead of adding capacity. “The NYSDOT is committed to developing project plans in close consultation with local communities,” Acting Commissioner Stan Gee said in a […]

What We’re Thankful For In 2009

Tammy, an NJ Turnpike-frequenting wild turkey, captivated state media last week (she has since been taken to a zoo.)

These are tough times throughout the region, but there’s still plenty to be thankful for when it comes to transportation reform:

Albany comes through for the MTA. That “whoosh” felt in the state of […]

What’s Up With Route 1? NJDOT Can’t Say

According to an article in the New Brunswick-based Sentinel paper earlier this month, an NJDOT project to relieve traffic in the Route 1 corridor has moved to the top of the Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan, a list of planned transportation projects. But the story focused solely on a possible widening of the roadway, omitting […]

Greater Use of Highway Safety Funds Could Save States Money

Even as state transportation budgets across the country face severe shortfalls, most states have failed to take advantage of federal safety funding, according to a new report out from the League of American Bicyclists and the Alliance for Bicycling and Walking.

The report examines state obligation rates for the federal Highway Safety Improvement Program, […]

Updated: NYSDOT Takes Deegan Expansion Off the Table

[Updated 11/24 – MTR has learned that NYSDOT has selected the “rehabilitation only” alternative, a victory for local residents and advocates. We’ll have more on this shortly.]

Tri-State has just received the “Draft Design Report” for NYSDOT’s plan to expand a section of the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx, a plan that is […]

Gov. Christie A Smart Growth Advocate?

Christie has said the Office of Smart Growth "needs to be restored to a leadership role."

While New Jersey Governor-elect Chris Christie hasn’t had much to say about transportation, the planning organization NJ Future points out that he’s put forth some promising rhetoric when it comes to development. On NJ Future’s Garden State […]

For Creating Jobs, Transit Operating Aid is Best Bet

As the country grapples with rising unemployment rates, Congressional leaders are beginning to consider passage of a “jobs bill” that could reportedly include anything from tax credits for new hires to infrastructure. A recent report by the American Public Transportation Association shows that investment in transit — and in transit operating aid especially — […]

Google Bike Directions Could Be Useful Tool For Cities

Bicycle directions haven't been added to Google Maps yet, but they may be coming soon.

Soon to be added to the Google empire are “Bike There” directions on Google Maps, offering cyclists information about nearby bike paths, lanes and trails. The announcement garnered no more than a sentence and a half in a […]

A Transportation Platform for New Jersey

NJ's gas tax has not increased since 1988. In the op-ed, TSTC and NJ Future call for Christie to "leave the anti-tax rhetoric behind" while avoiding "stopgap measures" like the issuance of more debt.

One of the first challenges New Jersey Governor-elect Chris Christie will face is how to keep New Jersey’s […]

NYSDOT’s Deegan Expansion Plan Is Panned By All

NYSDOT would add an auxiliary lane to the Major Deegan (Click for larger image).

[Update 11/20: You can now tell NYSDOT Acting Commissioner Stan Gee that you oppose this project via e-mail. TSTC has also made available the project’s Draft Design Report. Read more here.]

The New York State DOT had a hard […]