TSTC Staff Update

The Tri-State Transportation Campaign is pleased to welcome our new federal advocate, Ya-Ting Liu! As Congress prepares to reauthorize the overarching federal transportation legislation, SAFETEA-LU, Ya-Ting will help TSTC serve as an effective local advocate in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut for the Transportation for America campaign. She will also conduct an assessment to help advance state level transportation reform efforts across the country, including a transportation reform “best practices” guide.

Ms. Liu previously worked at M+R Strategic Services, an advocacy consulting firm that assists nonprofits with campaigns in several states. Most recently, she helped coordinate the Campaign for New York’s Future, the coalition of over 150 groups (including TSTC) that helped win increased funding for the MTA this spring and continues to support New York City’s PlaNYC sustainability blueprint.  She has also worked at Trust for Public Land in San Francisco and  the Peace Corps in Nepal. In 2005, she was a Coro Center for Leadership fellow.

Ya-Ting has a Masters in City Planning degree from MIT and a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from UC-Berkeley. She grew up in central New Jersey and currently resides in Brooklyn.

TSTC is very grateful to the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the One Region Funders Group for making our federal advocacy work possible.


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