New CSX Trains Help Reduce Air Pollution in South Bronx

On Monday, CSX Transportation unveiled four new ultra-low emission locomotives for exclusive operation at its Oak Point Yard in the heart of the South Bronx, a neighborhood long plagued by high asthma hospitalization rates, poor air quality, and disproportionate amounts of truck traffic.

The new engines, known as GenSet, were retrofitted to existing rail cars […]

Dangerous Bronx Streets Get NYCDOT Makeover

Allerton Avenue will go on a "road diet," going from four car lanes to three at intersections.

Pedestrians, residents, and cyclists in the Pelham Garden section of the Bronx will have safer streets this summer as a result of a new NYCDOT design.  After two senior citizens were killed in traffic incidents and […]

Report: Tri-States Spend Stimulus Wisely; Country Doesn't

Today, Smart Growth America released a new report detailing states’ progress in meeting the Obama administration’s goals of jump-starting the economy and laying the foundation for future economic growth. The report, “The States and the Stimulus,” finds that almost one-third of the flexible ARRA Surface Transportation Program funding committed by states so far is […]

Tappan Zee Picture Clearing Up, But Finances Still Cloudy

At a meeting of the Tappan Zee project’s Stakeholder Committee on Wednesday, the study team showed it was making a good-faith effort to engage communities on land use and provided more clarity on the project timeline. (TSTC is a member of the Stakeholder Committee and several of the “stakeholder advisory working groups” which meet […]

Streetfilm: The Case for Better Cross-Hudson Bus Transit

Check out this just-released short film on cross-Hudson bus service, produced by Streetfilms and the Tri-State Transportation Campaign. In less than 3 minutes, it lays out why bus transit across the Hudson River is important, and how the Port Authority could improve service for the 315,000 people who take buses across the […]

When Getting There is Half the Battle: NJ Aims to Improve Walk to Stations

Woodlynne's grant will fund improvements to Ferry Ave., where a PATCO Speedline station is located.

In 2006, NJ pedestrians got a $74 million boost from Governor Corzine’s five-year statewide pedestrian safety initiative. Pedestrians in 15 communities will see some of the first improvements funded through the Safe Streets to Transit component of […]

NYSDOT Lags On Federal Air Quality Funds

The Federal Highway Administration wants its money back, and NYSDOT is obliging at the expense of two environmentally friendly federal grant programs: Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) and Transportation Enhancements (TE).

In the diagram above, each glass represents the amount the state can potentially spend (the apportionment) on a specific federal program. The […]

NYC Comptroller: Expansion of CityTicket Would Expand City Transit Options

Today, NYC Comptroller and mayoral candidate Bill Thompson called on the MTA to expand its CityTicket program, a sensible recommendation that would expand transit options within New York City.

Parts of the Bronx and large stretches of Queens have commuter rail stations but no subway service.

CityTicket is a $3.50 flat fare for […]

Hartford Courant: Highway Removal Could Heal the City

Hartford's Aetna Viaduct, which the Courant called a "mistake" that has "cut the city in half."

In an editorial published this weekend, the Hartford Courant lauded civic advocates for their efforts to “heal” the city of Hartford through the removal of the Aetna viaduct, an elevated portion of I-84 that cuts through the […]

ConnDOT Can Fill Gaps in Complete Streets Legislation

Last month, overwhelming majorities in the Connecticut State Senate and House passed a complete streets bill, a major step towards safer streets for all road users in the state.  This week, Tri-State urged ConnDOT Commissioner Joe Marie to make up for one of the few gaps in the new legislation.

The new legislation dedicates […]