Turnpike Authority to Pave Over Central Jersey Parklands

The expansion of the New Jersey Turnpike from interchanges 6-9 will have plenty of impacts, from more cars on the road to loss of wetlands.  In Bordentown Township, where officials and residents have opposed the Turnpike project, these impacts include the loss of 10 acres of parklands in the vicinity of interchange 7 of the Turnpike. The NJ Turnpike Authority recently announced its intent to acquire the land for new ramps connecting to the six additional traffic lanes proposed in the $2.7 billion expansion project.

The land sought after, some of which is classified as “open space,” is currently owned by the Township of Bordentown, Burlington County, and the NJ Department of Environmental Protection.  Portions of the parklands will be bought outright, while others will be acquired by easement. The land transfer would only be the latest negative development for the project.

In order to acquire the land, the NJTA is filing a request with the NJDEP’s Green Acres Program.  A public hearing on the acquisitions is scheduled for May 21st in Bordentown.  For details, see the NJTA’s notice here.


3 Comments on "Turnpike Authority to Pave Over Central Jersey Parklands"

  1. From that aerial shot it appears that there’s plenty of room down there for replacement parkland. Quick, use a tighter camera angle for your propaganda!

  2. TSTC, get out of the way! The NJT needs to be expanded from Exits 6-9 as a matter of economic efficiency, environmental (yes, environmental -unless you support traffic-jam air, sound, & noise pollution) consideration, and of course, for the sake of overall mental health.

    Please do not use the “induced demand” argument, as the demand has ALREADY been induced.

    This is not a frivolous expenditure.

  3. TSTC, you, and the Sierra Club, are extremists whom I’ve learned to ignore over the years.

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