Put Your Name Behind a Sheridan Teardown!

The Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance has created an online petition as a piece of its campaign to open up 28 acres of land in the South Bronx for affordable housing, mixed-use retail and open space.  The land is currently occupied by the redundant and lightly traveled Sheridan Expressway. Removal of the expressway is one of two options for the corridor being considered by NYSDOT, and the petition urges NYSDOT Commissioner Astrid Glynn to choose the teardown.

The Alliance, a coalition of Bronx and citywide groups including TSTC, has fought long and hard to remove the highway and implement the community’s plan for the new riverfront space. For some background check out the Alliance website and read prior coverage here.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen how the project will be affected by changes in the Bronx political landscape. Assm. Ruben Diaz Jr., who represents the Sheridan corridor, is the heavy favorite to win the Bronx borough presidency in a special election on April 21. It’s not yet clear who would run for Diaz’s Assembly seat if he does win the election. While Diaz was supportive of keeping the community’s alternative alive in the NYSDOT environmental review, more recently he has publicly opposed removing the Sheridan — despite the clear benefits it would have for his constituents. Diaz can be contacted here.

Sign the petition here and help this groundbreaking project!

2 Comments on "Put Your Name Behind a Sheridan Teardown!"

  1. George Sempepos | April 14, 2009 at 10:58 pm |

    More green space for the Bronx!Please!! I was born in the Bronx, have lived there and commuted all over NYC my entire life, and I have almost never had to use the Sheridan Expressway. This plan makes excellent sense.

  2. Wow, that’s so true. I was a Bronx resident for over 20 years and plan to move back shortly. I never had to use the Sheridan. I could use the Bronx River or the Cross Bronx. It is redundant.

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