Groups: Federal Transit Aid Right for Connecticut, Nation

Bridgeport is one of Connecticut's poorest cities, but has the state's highest bus fares.

With transit riders across the country facing fare increases and service cuts, and with transit agencies preparing to lay off thousands of workers, many are asking Congress to take another look at authorizing operating aid to transit agencies.

Yesterday, […]

NJ Transit Keeps the Fare Steady — For Now

NJ Transit fares won't go up through June 2010. But that doesn't mean the agency is financially healthy.

NJ Transit announced yesterday that there would be no fare increases through its fiscal year 2010, which ends on June 30 of next year. New Jersey will cut operating aid to NJ Transit by 17% […]

NYC Congressmen Holding Meeting on Next Federal Transportation Bill

(Left to right:) Rep. Nadler, Rep. McMahon.

Want to hear about New York’s priorities for the next six-year federal transportation bill, which could reshape national transportation policy? Reps. Jerrold Nadler and Michael McMahon, New York City’s two representatives on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, will be holding a “Transportation Priorities Meeting” at […]

Trenton Forcing NJ Transit to Rob Peter to Pay Paul

Almost a quarter of NJ Transit's current (FY09) operating budget was originally earmarked for capital expenses.

Update 4/28: NJ Transit announced today that it will not increase fares in fiscal year 2010. More coverage soon.

Imagine taking out a mortgage or a car loan, and then spending much of the proceeds to pay […]

Will High-Speed Rail Plan Mean Higher Speed For CT Rail Projects?

The 11 corridors/regions eligible for high-speed rail funding are in red and blue. Since the New Haven-Springfield line would improve the Northeast Corridor, it could be funded with stimulus money.

Connecticut could benefit from the United States’ recently announced national high-speed rail plan — and the $8 billion in stimulus money planned as […]

NY State Senate Planning Vote on MTA Bill Next Week

Update 4/28: The Senate plan was voted out of the Transportation Committee yesterday afternoon. Meanwhile, the MTA’s budget projections have officially worsened.

The New York State Senate’s latest plan, announced earlier this week, has now arrived in bill form, though it has not been introduced yet. Here are the draft bill text and […]

NY Transit Coalition's Ad Gets Recognition

Last year, the above ad was displayed on the sides of NYC Transit buses and caught the attention of motorists, pedestrians, and bus riders alike. Last month, the ad, produced by Robbett Advocacy Media with input from the Campaign for New York’s Future and Empire State Transportation Alliance, was recognized as one of […]

In Dribs and Drabs, New York Allocates Stimulus Funds

While states like New Jersey have already allocated their transportation stimulus funds, New York is piecemealing out its funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in small increments that make it harder to understand how the state is spending the stimulus overall.

This month, Gov. Paterson announced the release of $77 million for […]

New Jersey's Use of Stimulus Funds Breaks the Law

The NJ Turnpike Authority's projects are now illegal in two ways.

On Friday, TSTC wrote to Governor Corzine stating that using federal Build America Bonds — authorized by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act — to pay for the expansion of the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway would violate federal law. […]

Connecticut Budget Battle: A Transportation Comparison

Gov. Rell's budget provides more rail and bus funding than the Joint Committee on Appropriations' budget does, but both would increase funding over fiscal year 2009.

The Connecticut General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Appropriations reported an alternative budget out of committee earlier this month, largely along party lines, that continues the […]