New Report Confirms: Turnpike Widening Still a Turkey

NJTA assumed that widening the Turnpike would not increase traffic on other roads, but standard traffic modeling procedures show that congestion will increase on the roads highlighted in red above.

Tri-State has released an independent analysis of the NJ Turnpike Interchange 6-9 widening that finds that the $2.7 billion project is unnecessary and […]

"Senator Johnson, help Long Island Bus riders."

Protesters told Sen. Craig Johnson to "Earn our trust, support the bus!"

A 75% fare increase for Long Island Bus, and a 23% LIRR fare increase with deep service cuts, aren’t fair. The Tri-State Campaign, Long Island ACORN, the Long Island Progressive Coalition, Able-Ride, and others brought that message to the office of […]

LaHood and the New USDOT Outdoing Early Expectations

The "congressman from Caterpillar" has, so far, turned out to be an enthusiastic supporter of livable communities.

In December, when President-elect Obama nominated Rep. Ray LaHood to head the USDOT, the transportation reform community seemed to emit a collective sigh of disappointment.  For months, advocates had been whispering breathlessly at the possibility of […]

Will MTA Rescue Morph Into Statewide Repair Plan?

Transit isn't New York's only infrastructure need. Many bridges need repair, and an unusually large number will become deficient over the next 10 years.

Of the many anguished and angry responses to yesterday’s passage of the MTA doomsday budget — and to Albany’s failure to arrive at a solution — Senate Minority Leader […]

There's Still Time: What's Next For the MTA

Just how broad are the MTA's planned service cuts and fare hikes? The documents describing them, distributed at the board meeting, are 384 pages long.

Today the MTA Board passed broad service cuts and steep fare increases that will gouge deep ruts in the region’s economic health and quality of life. Albany […]

Stratford Wins the Prize: Largest One Region Grant Awarded

Left to right: Ashley Sklar of the Emily Tremaine Foundation, Yolanda Caldera-Durant of the Fairfield County Community Foundation, Veronica Vanterpool of TSTC, Stratford Mayor James Miron.

Yesterday, Tri-State and the One Region Funders’ Group issued the largest of the eight grants in their transit-oriented development (TOD) grant program to the Town of Stratford […]

The MTA's 11th Hour: Hikes, Cuts Pass Finance Committee

The news on the MTA is getting grimmer. Today, Gov. Paterson said that the agency should not delay enacting fare hikes or service cuts at its Wednesday board meeting,  suggesting that an MTA rescue package may not pass this week or any time soon.

The details of the planned cuts were finalized today. The MTA Board’s Finance Committee voted to advance to the full board a budget that will increase fares on subways, buses, and commuter rail lines by about 25% and slash service (as described on the MTA’s website here). Long Island Bus faces the highest fare increase – 75%.

In testimony, TSTC executive director Kate Slevin said that time was running out and warned that “If Albany doesn’t act, we begin the vicious cycle of transit disinvestment, where fares increase, service declines, our economy suffers, and safety and reliability are undermined for future generations.”

The MTA’s full board will vote on the doomsday budget this Wednesday. At the same time, Transportation Alternatives will be conducting an MTA Telethon from 8am to noon at the south side of Union Square Park in Manhattan. At the telethon, TA staff and volunteers will connect transit riders to their representatives in the State Senate, which hasn’t gotten on board with a compromise plan supported by Gov. Paterson and the State Assembly.

As the video above shows, a telethon won’t raise enough money to rescue transit riders. Only Albany can.

After the jump, the specific fare increases that were approved at the Finance Committee meeting:

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5 Days and Counting to Longer Commutes and Higher Fares

The unions, business groups, civic and good government organizations, community groups, and transportation advocates above sent a joint letter to legislators calling for a long-term MTA funding plan.

The pressure on Governor Paterson and the New York State Legislature to stop drastic MTA fare hikes and service cuts continues to build. The […]

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Captain Asphalt!

Captain Asphalt at a recent meeting.

Yesterday at the NYMTC Annual Meeting, Timothy Gilchrist was once again dubbed “Captain Asphalt.” It’s the second time MTR has heard the title be used to describe New York State’s Senior Advisor for Infrastructure charged with distributing $2.3 billion in transportation stimulus funds; the first was in […]

The Stimulus Goes Online: New Jersey

DVRPC's stimulus projects are also in Google Map form.

Like New York’s, New Jersey’s stimulus transportation projects have gone online. New Jersey will receive almost $1.1 billion for transportation projects, with $162 million of that “suballocated” to metropolitan planning organizations who have authority to spend it on local projects.

NJ Transit and NJDOT […]