New Subway Ads Call for Action on Transit Funding

Today the Empire State Transportation Alliance announced the release of new subway and bus ads aimed at mobilizing riders to speak up to stop fare hikes and service cuts.

The ads are posted in 3,000 New York City subway cars and urge riders to visit and tell Governor Paterson and state legislative leaders to support a plan that would provide critical funds to close the MTA’s $1.2 billion operating deficit this year and fund the agency’s next capital construction program. The ads were created by Robbett Advocacy Media.

ESTA is a coalition of dozens of business, labor, environmental, transportation, and planning organizations working for investment in New York’s transportation system. The coalition includes Tri-State Transportation Campaign, Regional Plan Association, General Contractors Association, NYPIRG/Straphangers Campaign, Environmental Defense Fund, New York League of Conversation Voters, and Transportation Alternatives.

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  1. I really question whether this will be an effective campaign. 103 bucks to take any subway or local bus, to go anywhere within city limits (which is quite a lot of territory although most Manhattanites wouldn’t know it) as many times as you want/need in a month comes to a bit over 3 bucks a day.

    Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

    I think they’d do better emphasizing the service cutbacks proposed, which are pretty brutal.

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