November 2008

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Newark to Get First Red-Light Camera Next Year

In January of this year, the New Jersey Legislature passed a bill allowing municipalities to join a pilot program that will install red light cameras at key intersections throughout the state. Taking an important step forward,…

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Rockland Transit Agencies Also Raising Fares

The MTA isn’t the only transit agency planning a fare increase. The Transport of Rockland, Tappan ZEExpress, Spring Valley Jitney, and Clarkstown Mini Trans bus systems, as well as the TRIPS paratransit system all have increases…

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"Several Miracles" Needed to Fix MTA’s Crisis

The grim tone of today’s MTA Board meeting was set with opening remarks by Board Chairman Dale Hemmerdinger who said solving the transit system’s financial crisis requires “several miracles.” A doomsday proclamation is not far-fetched. The…