Former TSTC Staffer Damien Newton Takes Helm at Streetsblog LA!

Congratulations are due to former Tri-State Campaign NJ coordinator Damien Newton, who yesterday wrote his first post as editor of the new Streetsblog Los Angeles! Livable streets advocates in the NYC area have long been familiar with the fantastic resource that is the original Streetsblog; we at Tri-State couldn’t be prouder to see Damien take this brand of advocacy to the symbolic capital of car-dependent America (the true capital is probably Houston or Atlanta).

As proud for Damien as we are, we can’t say we envy him: one of his posts this week focused on planned bus service cuts, while a second highlighted a police crackdown on pedestrians who cross against flashing orange lights. Good luck!

2 Comments on "Former TSTC Staffer Damien Newton Takes Helm at Streetsblog LA!"

  1. Thanks guys. I appreciate the plug. It’s a different world out here, but there’s a lot of good people that want to do the right thing. Now that we got a Streetsblog, we need a T.A. or TSTC next!

  2. Pam Fischer | March 1, 2008 at 2:44 pm |

    Way to go Damien! Keep up the good work.

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