Former TSTC Staffer Damien Newton Takes Helm at Streetsblog LA!

Congratulations are due to former Tri-State Campaign NJ coordinator Damien Newton, who yesterday wrote his first post as editor of the new Streetsblog Los Angeles! Livable streets advocates in the NYC area have long been familiar with the fantastic resource that is the original Streetsblog; we at Tri-State couldn’t be prouder to see Damien […]

With $30B Capital Plan, MTA Challenges Albany To Fund New Era of Transit Expansion

“A few months ago we had legislators saying ‘ask us for money, ask us for money.’ Well, now we’re asking.”

-MTA board member Andrew Albert

It’s put-up or shut-up time for Albany. The need for state action on congestion pricing and increased transit funding was the theme running through the MTA board […]

One More Bridge Connecting Region's Transit Fiefdoms

Earlier this week the Port Authority and NJ Transit announced a pilot whereby contactless bank cards would be used to pay fares at PATH stations and on two NJ Transit bus routes connecting to PATH stations. The pilot, a partnership with MasterCard, will begin early next year. Cards used during the pilot would be […]

Lousy Commute? Speak Up for Congestion Pricing Now!

The great promise of New York’s congestion pricing plan is that it will raise critically needed money for public transit system expansion and repair. Congestion pricing advocates are bringing that message straight to transit riders — the constituency most poised to benefit from the pricing plan — and asking them to speak out […]

TSTC Website Update: BRT Clearinghouse Now Available

TSTC’s website now includes an online clearinghouse of information on bus rapid transit, a transit mode which can combine rail’s speed and reliability with buses’ service flexibility and is being explored throughout the region. The clearinghouse explains what bus rapid transit (BRT) is, how it compares to other modes, how it can be […]

Writers Sought for Livable Streets Wiki

The Open Planning Project, the publisher of Streetsblog and Streetfilms, is hiring writers to create an initial article base for “Streetswiki,” a web-based, community-written encyclopedia dedicated to sustainable transportation policy. Candidates should have professional writing and editing experience and come from a transportation policy, livable streets advocacy, or urban planning background and be able […]

Tappan Zee Team Studying New BRT Alignments, High Ridership Option

The news that NYSDOT was “tiering” the Tappan Zee Bridge/I-287 corridor project into separate phases was surprising enough (MTR ran stories on the announcement of the split and on an ominous precedent). But a scoping update document (PDF), made public by the study team last week, contains additional surprises. The NYSDOT project involves […]

Fix ConnDOT Policy First; Structural Reforms Can Wait

Connecticut’s legislative session opened earlier this month with much fanfare surrounding Governor Rell’s proposed split of the Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) into a Department of Highways and a Department of Public Transportation, Ports, and Aviation. This emphasis on bureaucratic reorganization is unfortunate and misplaced. Attention should focus instead on policy ideas that actually […]

Improving Corzine's Asset Monetization Plan

New Jersey press outlets have been fixated on Governor Corzine’s asset monetization plan, printing dozens of articles daily. But few have covered potential changes that could make the plan more palatable to many in the state. Republicans, who hold 32 of 80 seats in the State Assembly and 17 of 40 seats in the […]

Penn for Peds! A Campaign Is Named

7th Ave. between 34th and 35th Streets, during the afternoon rush.

A couple of weeks ago, MTR asked readers to come up with an evocative name for Tri-State’s forthcoming campaign to improve the walking conditions surrounding Penn Station. Currently, the streets and sidewalks surrounding the nation’s busiest rail station are inadequate at best. […]