Newark’s Children Call for Safer Streets

Earlier this month, the Tri-State Campaign joined the community group La Casa de Don Pedro and students of Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in a community walk in Newark’s North Ward. The walk highlighted the need for the city to “design streets that are safe for the children and adults who live, work, and go to school in Newark,” Tri-State executive director Kate Slevin told the Star-Ledger.

NJDOT has targeted state pedestrian funding to Newark, and gave the city nearly $3.5 million last year, thanks in part to the efforts of the Tri-State Campaign and La Casa (see MTR # 542).

There’s still much to be done, however. Missing sidewalks and crosswalks were in abundance on key walking routes to school. . Also missing were pedestrian signals and flashing lights which would call attention to school zones.

More photos after the jump:

This road is heavily used by children on their way to school.

A missing sidewalk and an almost-missing crosswalk.

The kids were enthusiastic!

Raymond Ocasio of La Casa de Don Pedro spoke.

As did Newark Councilwoman Dana Rone.

 Images: TSTC.

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